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Gerber Deacon D057 

At Sherman Beef Cattle, we strive to produce real world cattle that can hold their own against bulls sired by some of the best ai sires in the country.  We have had the honor of breeding the 2011, 2015, 2016 and 2017 High Indexing Hereford Bull at the Pennsylvania Performance Tested Bull Sale.  Our cattle are efficient and can add on the pounds of meat when called upon to do so. 

Gerber Deacon D057

Power, Performance and Pigmentation

2017 High Indexing Hereford Bull

S/B/C Prime Time 1617

One of the greatest compliments any breeder can receive is when a prospective buyer shows up to purchase an animal and cannot make up their mind.  We strive for uniformity in our breeding program and stay away from "flash in the pan"  unproven sires.  By focusing our breeding efforts to proven predictable lines, we are able to achieve a base cow herd that is similar in type and frame.  We focus on maintaining acceptable birth weights in our calf crop and put maternal characteristics first and foremost in our breeding decisions.  Our success in performance testing bulls has shown that our cattle can enter the lot and complete with those focusing on terminal traits as well. 

Our cowherd is pasture fed from mid April through the end of October depending on weather conditions.  Over the winter months our herd is fed a ration primarily consisting of  sorghum/sudangrass and mixed forage haylage.  Our breeding stock is entirely forage based and pasture fed relying on only forage crops to maintain their plump condition.  By taking away the grain "crutch", we can easily identify animals that are able to convert forages to red meat versus those who cannot.  Fleshing ability has been bred into the cattle and documented through feed efficiency testing results at the Midland Bull Test in Columbus, Montana.  Each year our "workforce" weans off calves in excess of 700 pounds with minimal inputs.  Cows that are unable to maintain our production expectations are marketed through some of the finest restaurants and butcher shops throughout the Northeastern United States  as grass fed product by Hardwick Beef Company.    

We  intensively graze our pastures through a simple rotational grazing system.  Each day the cattle are moved to a fresh paddock that will receive up to 30 days rest before a subsequent grazing.  This allows for maximum forage yield and increased weight gains.  We have found that providing a constant source of green grass throughout the grazing season, rather than just the spring and fall cool season grass flush, we are able to sustain more cattle on less acres by while increasing our sustainability, profitability and efficiency.  Forage availability during the "summer slump" is essential for the proper development of the calf crop.

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Stone Ridge Manor - Gettysburg, Pa

"Meating" YOUR Needs for Quality Hereford Genetics

Deacon was purchased at the 2017 Gerber Right Time Sale in Richmond, Indiana because he is the "Right Kind at the Right Time" and will serve as a foundation in our breeding program for years to come. He excels in not only phenotype but genotype as well and writes a very unique resume that is right for today's cattle market.  He is sired by the deceased EFBEEF U208 Fortune Z088 ET (the high selling bull in the 2013 Ellis Farms Sale).   Deacon's  EPD profile is second to none ranking in the top 10% or higher in the breed for CED, BW, YW, CEM, SC, Marbling, BMI, CEZ, BII and CHB.  He was the highest scanning in the offering at 5.88% IMF for a ratio of 134.  Did I mention that on top of all that he is homozygous polled???  Semen will be available early summer 2017 on this unique individual.      

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