Sherman Beef Cattle

Conservation with Cattle

We  strongly believe that conservation is the key to success in any operation.  By developing a system that works for both our cattle and the environment, we are able to maximize returns from our livestock.  Our intensive grazing system allows for the cow/calf operation to graze quality forages throughout the year.  Conservation practices implemented on the farm include:

  • Off-Stream Watering System
  • 2.3 Acres of Riparian Buffer (CREP)
  • Streambank Fencing
  • Stabilized Walkways
  • Roofed Heavy Use Feeding Area 
  • Manure Storage Building
  • Roof Water Collection System
  • Waste Water Transfer System
  • Nutrient Management Plan
  • Grazing Management Plan
  • Stream Stabilization Project
  • Rotational Grazing System

Conservation Awards received Include:
2010 Lycoming County "Conservation Cooperator of the Year"

2011 Pennsylvania Cattlemen's Association "Environmental Stewardship Award"
2012 PACD Pennsylvania Clean Water Farm Award

Our operation was recently featured in a Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program outreach video for Pennsylvania and a national USDA Conservation Reserve Program video celebrating 30 years of CRP.  It was an honor to be chosen to demonstrate our commitment to conservation.  The videos can be viewed below.

Conservation Update