Michael Sherman purchases first registered Hereford heifer (at 16 years old) from Derr Farms in Jereytown, Pa.  This animal will begin a love of raising purebred Herefords that continues today.

Prior to their February 15, 2003 wedding date, Michael and Vanessa purchased their first portion of the family farm from a relative that had been subdivided off in the 1990's.



Donald Sherman Sr. purchased farmland on Brouse Road  to raise a family and begin a dairy operation.  This farmland will provide the framework for our operation today.

Farmland is enrolled in the Lycoming County Agricultural Land Preservation Program to ensure that the legacy Donald Sherman Sr.  provided continues for future generations of the Sherman family.

and Future...

tHE Sherman bEEF cattle Family Tree


Michael and Vanessa sHERMAN

Current owners and operators of  Sherman Beef Cattle and Sherman Beef Cattle LLC.



Michael and Vanessa are given the opportunity to purchase the remainder of the family farm from his Grandparents.  This provided the opportunity to relocate "home" and focus on the building of the Hereford operation.

Why Our Cattle

Dylan, Weston and Owen Sherman

Meet the future owners of the family farm.  Our boys will hopefully carry on the farming tradition and pass it onto the next generation.

Sherman Beef Cattle is a forage based Registered Polled Hereford operation located in Montgomery, Pennsylvania.  We strive to offer sustainable genetics while protecting and enhancing our diverse natural resources.


who we are


our historY

Donald Floyd Sr. and Rebecca Sherman

My Grandparents that started our farming operation in 1956.  Their hard work and dedication to the family farm lives on as their legacy through their son, grandson, and great grandsons.

Sherman Beef Cattle strives to produce functional real world cattle that are right for the times and for a variety of reasons.  We do not chase ribbons in the show ring rather let the cattle speak for themselves in the pasture. 

We focus on easy fleshing cattle that are sustainable and reliable.  Our cattle are selected for carcass merit without forgetting about the all important maternal traits.  Calving ease is also at the forefront of our sire selection. 

Our Herefords are dark red and heavily pigmented.  They have been culled hard for udder quality and disposition.  Come and see the Hereford advantage!


Cattle available all times via private treaty sales:

  • Herd sires
  • Breeding aged bulls
  • Cow/Calf Pairs
  • Yearling Heifers
  • Weaned calves

It is worth the trip to Montgomery as we have the genetics you are looking for in packages you can afford.

Sherman Beef Cattle

Donald Floyd Sherman Jr.

 Instrumental to our success as he has dedicated his life to the sustainability of our family farming operation.